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Truth or consequences start early (September 2020)

Would you go? (August 2020)

You are not alone... (July 2020)

Never thought I'd do this... (June 2020)

What's the mystery number? (May 2020)

COVID-19: the more you know...

Keep calm and carry on... (April 2020)

Can COVID-19 damage your heart? YES

Step up to the plate... (March 2020)

Love, romance and hearts, it's not all candy... (February 2020)

Know three connections... (January 2020)

Small steps for 2020... (December 2019)

What does it mean to you? (November 2019)

It's hard to predict... (October 2019)

It starts early... (September 2019)

Check it out... (August 2019)

There's a link? (July 2019)

Together is better... (June 2019)

What's the connection? (May 2019)

What's hurting you? (April 2019)

Use the best weapons to fight... (March 2019)

Young or old? Love your heart... (February 2019)

What do you have to lose? (January 2019)

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