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Save Time and Save Lives by using the best PC Based Diagnostic Tools

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A medical technology company committed to providing PC solutions to healthcare professionals by developing and manufacturing medical diagnostic devices. Leading patient care in hospitals, offices, telehealth and home-based medical services by delivering healthcare providers with solutions.


Nasiff Associates
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US Made Medical Equipment

Save Time and Save Lives
By using the best PC based diagnostic tools

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The Leaders of PC Based Cardiology

We understand the size and volume of the problem that is heart disease. More people die from heart disease than any other disease known. Because of the number of fatalities that are due to heart disease, the ECG is the most reimbursed test because it does such a great job at finding early signs of heart disease. Because of this basic understanding of the heart disease problem, Dr. Nasiff has developed the very best diagnostic tools.

These tools are the Nasiff CardioCard® ECG line.

CardioCard Connectivity

The future of Healthcare. All Nasiff CardioCard® products are connected and come with the Cardio Universal EMR Interface™

Nasiff Associates Inc
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CardioCard® ECG's
Light Weight, Reliable, Powerful, Efficient

Nasiff Associates Inc
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Our in-house support team is unsurpassed, responsive, trained, and available to provide you with what you need via phone or the internet. We guarantee the customer care you deserve no matter what platform you are using or where you may be.

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Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Nasiff Associates remains on the cutting edge, so it makes sense that we are introducing the first PC Based 12-lead ECG with USB and Bluetooth capabilities in the same device. Every device, system, and service has been skillfully developed and made in the USA.

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Veteran Owned
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