Nasiff Associates: Company Values

Over the past twenty years, Nasiff Associates, Inc, a well respected medical technology company, has grown steadily, building a customer base for its PC based database management and medical diagnostic and administrative products. Our mission at Nasiff Associates is to be the provider of high value, high-quality solutions to the diagnostic healthcare marketplace; a true alternative to the competition. We embrace our core values which inspire our company vision, articulate our purpose and relate directly to our success in the marketplace.

  • Product Focus Innovation and Quality: our pioneering spirit embraces ongoing and unequaled improvement in all areas of our products and business.
  • Customer Focus Training and Support: our customers are crucial to every product and service we develop and provide; our interactions drive everything we do. Company Focus Honesty and Respect: we expect ethical behavior in all business interactions.
  • Profitable Growth: we deliberately plan pricing and growth, which are key to financial success, reputation and, our long-term sustainability.
  • Accountability: we carefully weigh every decision we make in order to be responsible leaders. We practice mutual accountability to our company, our customers, and each other.

We are on the cutting edge of the medical diagnostic industry – a place that truly makes a difference!

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