CardioStress™ System

The Nasiff CardioCard® PC Based Exercise Stress ECG System


The CardioStress ECG turns any PC into an all-in-one cardiology system. Our Stress ECG has more protocols built in and available than any other system. All systems come with a fully interpretive 12 lead diagnostic Stress ECG, measurements, serial historical comparisons, comprehensive patient charting, databases and more. We now have a WIRELESS solution for performing and managing tests while saving money and working with your existing equipment. Our system is EMR compatible with an unlimited database. (combine a treadmill with your PC ECG Stress for a complete system)

Device Options and Features

Simultaneous PC-based ECG
(12- lead PC ECG)/PC EKG Diagnostic Acquisition
WINDOWS: Point & Click User Interface
Real-time 3-, 6- or 12- lead
Color Display of ECG/EKG Complex
10 foot Patient ECG / EKG Cable with Locking Replaceable Leads
Full Patient Demographics and Information
HR with Global Measurements, Complete Interval Values
Capture Unlimited ECG/EKG
Duration of Patient ECG Data to any storage
USB or Notebook (PCMCIA) Formats
User Selectable Lead Formats on Final ECG Report
Wireless option for Stress Testing

Real-time ECG/EKG Monitoring;
1-, 2-, 3-, 6- or 12- user Selectable Leads
Complete Test Storage of ECG/EKG Data to Hard Disk, Floppy or Optical
29 Preprogrammed Protocols with 5 User Defined Protocols each with 40 Stages
Graphs/Tables: HR and BP Trend, Speed/Grade, beats for all Stages
View/Print Full Disclosure Measurements for all Stages
On-screen Status of Test: Phase Time, Total Time, Speed, Grade, Target HR, 12- lead ST Levels and Slopes
Report Transmission via Fax or Network
Post Test Review/Editing of ECG Data
Baseline Correction and other Filters to Minimize Motion Artifact


The Nasiff CardioStress comes standard with USB connectivity. The device can be equipped with Bluetooth connectivity or with both USB and Bluetooth connections on the same device.


All CardioCard products (ECG, Holter, Stress, and Blood Pressure) are connected and come with the ​Cardio Universal EMR Interface™


​Our easy to use innovative CardioCard Software allows for in- depth control over all ​of your test  options from our standard default settings to every detail in your test and report.

Advanced Management Tools

Integrate all devices into one machine
Integrated patient database and chart
Serial historical comparisons
Transmit and receive ECGs
​Portable patient data


Medical Grade Stress Treadmill (optional)

  • Whisper quiet
  • Full FLAT surface/no hood to kick
  • Running surface: 20” x 65”
  • ZERO start capability
  • Speed range: 0 - 12 mph
  • Elevation range: 0 - 25 %
  • Patient capacity: 500 lb
  • Independent treadmill controller available which allows
  • ​Independent operation of treadmill without CardioCard Stress interface


Veteran Owned Small Business

FDA Clearance
Veteran Owned
Made in the USA
Helping Doctors save lives since 1989

Nasiff Associates Inc and BSI
Department of Veterans Affairs