Nasiff Associates: About Us

Nasiff Associates: History

Established in 1989 to develop the world's first PC ECG/PC EKG, Nasiff Associates, a Medical Technology Company, is committed to providing innovative Medical PC Solutions to Health Care Professionals by which integrate into any Personal Computer (PC).

PC Based PC ECG/PC EKG Pioneers

We are the first company in the world to produce a clinically useful PC-based PC ECG/PC EKG (1989) the first to have a PC-based Stress ECG System (1993), the first to have a notebook (PCMCIA) based ECG System (1993), the first to integrate Resting, Stress and Holter into one system (1996), the first to integrate NIBP and Vitals also (1997).

Our flagship products are the CardioSuite® consisting of an integrated system with PC ECG/PC EKG, Stress ECG, and Holter ECG, and the CardioVitals™ consisting of ECG, NIBP, SpO2, and Temperature.

Nasiff Focus on Huge Benefits for CardioCard® Users:

Top-quality for your patients and your practice today
Unmatched top-of-the-line customer support. Systems purchased in 1990 are compatible with our most advanced systems today Nasiff is committed to making systems that take advantage of our latest benefits with no patient data loss - the way we would want systems to work if we purchased them Cost-effectively Maximize Reimbursements and patient care by using multiple CPT codes

ECGs ​Portable Patient Data

Nasiff Leadership Historical Firsts:

  • FIRST PC-based Diagnostic 12- lead PC ECG System. NO batteries needed. Real-time ECG displays. Real-time printing on
  • PC printers. Networking. 1989-1990
  • CardioCard® Interpretive Analysis I and full ECG Measurement System. 1991-1992
  • FIRST Real-time 12- lead ST Monitoring, Modem, Fax, Unlimited Patient Database. 1991
  • FIRST PC-based Stress/Exercise System I. 1993
  • MAXDB I™ Integrated Multi-Patient Multi-Test Database System. 1993
  • FIRST PCMCIA/PC Card Notebook Connection. NIBP Module, OEM IBP. 1992-1993
  • Central Station and Client Station. 1994-1996. Also: FIRST ALL Windows System. 1996
  • FIRST CardioSuite® which includes Resting, Stress, Flash, and Cassette Holter. 1996
  • FIRST Vital Signs Monitor on a PC. 12- lead ECG, NIBP, SpO2, Temperature, etc. 1997
  • Industry FIRST practically Unlimited Serial Historical Comparison Reports. 1998
  • Released Stress/Exercise System III. Full disclosure of entire test, more ergometer protocols, unlimited resting strips, automatic
  • Real-time printing during test, etc. 1999
  • Database Connectivity of weight, glucose, etc. for Chronic Illness monitoring. 1999
  • Interpretive ECG During Exercise Testing. 2000
  • Respiration, Advanced Vitals Monitoring, OEM Spirometry. 2000-2001
  • FIRST built-in EMR Chart. HL7 Interface Support. 2002
  • FIRST Web-based Patient Care Management site, Unihospital™ at 2002
  • CardioHolter™ Plus Recorder. 2009
  • DICOM Connectivity. 2009
  • FIRST Cardio Universal EMR Interface™. 2010
  • CardioResting™ PC Based Bluetooth® ECG System. 2012
  • CardioCard Mobile™ PC Based ECG System. 2013
  • Cardio Medical Center™ (CMC). 2013
  • Verified as a Veteran-owned small business (VOSB). 2013 VA
  • Created a Patient Care Management site, CardioHospital™, at The Cardio Medical Center™ (CMC)
  • Is for sharing data. 2014
  • CardioResting™ Wi-Fi System. 2014
  • CardioCard Mobile™ Wireless ECG System with iOS. 2014
  • CardioHospital™ Vitals Monitoring System. 2014
  • CardioCard® Canadian Servers. 2016
  • CardioCard® Spirometer. 2017
  • iSO13485 and CMDCAS Certification. 2017

Save Time, Save Lives

All of our products are made and developed in the USA to maintain top quality control. We are a Veteran Owned Company.

Our products and services are the best value for customers.

Nasiff Associates: Company Leadership

​President & CEO – Roger E. Nasiff, Ph.D.

Roger Nasiff, Ph.D., is the owner, chief executive officer, and president of Nasiff Associates, Inc. A privately-held manufacturer of diagnostic medical equipment headquartered in Brewerton, New York. Nasiff brings more than 20 years of medical diagnostic equipment experience to the table. As president and 100% owner, Nasiff is responsible for leading the company’s product innovation and strategy. Nasiff’s passion for the products and services compels him to personally oversee customer service, quality, and shipping of each product sold.


  • Wesley College, Engineering Science
  • Syracuse University, BS in Bioengineering, BA in Chemistry
  • Drexel University/University of Penn, MS in Biomedical Engineering
  • LaSalle University, Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering
  • Thesis: Multi-Parameter Physiological Diagnostic Monitoring


  • US Air Force
  • Hospital Engineer, EMT, and Medical Chemistry
  • Development Engineer, various companies; designed software, hardware, algorithms, databases, portable Holter recorders, blood pressure, Etc.
  • Nasiff Associates, Inc., founded in 1989, and CardioCard® FDA registered in 1990

Capability Statement

Nasiff Associates, Inc. has been verified as a Veteran-owned small business (VOSB) and added to the Veterans business database. 

We are eligible to participate in Veterans First Contracting Program opportunities. Thank you for choosing a business that is continuing to serve America through small business ownership. Please check this Capability Statement to see what we offer.

CardioResting ECG Data

Nasiff Associates: Company Values

Over the past twenty years, Nasiff Associates, Inc, a well-respected medical technology company, has grown steadily, building a customer base for its PC-based database management and medical diagnostic and administrative products. Our mission at Nasiff Associates is to be the provider of high-value, high-quality solutions to the diagnostic healthcare marketplace, a true alternative to the competition. We embrace our core values which inspire our company vision, articulate our purpose and relate directly to our success in the marketplace.

  • Product Focus Innovation and Quality: our pioneering spirit embraces ongoing and unequaled improvement in all areas of our products and business.
  • Customer Focus Training and Support: our customers are crucial to every product and service we develop and provide; our interactions drive everything we do. Company Focus Honesty and Respect: we expect ethical behavior in all business interactions.
  • Profitable Growth: we deliberately plan pricing and growth, which are key to financial success, reputation and, our long-term sustainability.
  • Accountability: we carefully weigh every decision we make in order to be responsible leaders. We practice mutual accountability to our company, our customers, and each other.

We are on the cutting edge of the medical diagnostic industry – a place that truly makes a difference!

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Veteran Owned Small Business

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Veteran Owned
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