Cardio Ambulatory Monitoring System

Nasiff CardioCard® PC Based 24-96 Hour Ambulatory Holter Monitoring ECG System


CardioHolter™ is a compact, comprehensive and feature-rich monitoring system. Our 5 and 12- lead Holters are fully interpretive with pacemaker detection. The 3 channel display screen with event button provides reliable and accurate reporting. Our system is EMR compatible with an unlimited database. (recorders can be worn for 24-96 hours)

Device Options and Features

ONE (1) Flash Digital 24-48 hour Full Disclosure Recorder
Free Training and Toll-free Technical Support
One AA Alkaline Battery (disposable)
Digital Recorder: 3.45"W x 2.6"H x .75"D (5 ounces with battery)
Two-year Software Warranty, Two-year Recorder Warranty, Free
Upgrades (during two-year warranty period)
3 Channels includes 5 patient lead cables
User Selectable Arrhythmia Variable Settings
On-screen Condensed/Zoom View: 1 or 10 minute, 2 or 4
second Intervals
Standard Reports to Screen or Printer: Summary of Test with
Diagnostics, Event/Episode Reports, Full Disclosure of all ECG’s,
Heart Rate Variability Histograms, R-R Dispersion Graphs, ST
Graphs, VF Tables/Graphs, ST Severity Tables

Includes Software and Database Management System (no additional cost)
Flash Recorder has 3 Channel Display, 5- leads, CF Card, Belt
and User Manual
Storage of Patient ECG Records to Hard Drive, Floppy or any Storage Medium
Complex Classifications: PVC, VE Run, Couplet, Triplet, Bigeminy, Trigeminy, R on T, SVPB, SVE Run, Pauses, PE, AFib, Bradycardia, Tachycardia and more
For Flash Recorder: Removable COMPACT FLASH Memory Cards (standard CF compact flash card)
Flash Uses CF Compact Flash Card Slot as Download Interface (we supply this)


​The Nasiff CardioResting™ comes standard with USB connectivity through the device can be equipped with Bluetooth connectivity or both USB and Bluetooth connections on board.


The future of Healthcare. All CardioCard products (ECG, Holter, Stress, and NIBP) are connected and come with the ​Cardio Universal EMR Interface™


​Our easy to use innovative CardioCard Software allows for in-depth control over all ​of your test options from our standard default settings to every detail in your test and report.

Advanced Management Tools

Integrate all devices into one machine
Integrated patient database and chart
Serial historical comparisons
Transmit and receive ECGs
​Portable patient data



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