CardioMedical Center™ (CMC)

The Nasiff CardioHospital™ cloud based system allows you to securely send your CardioCard®
patient test data and receive test results from a certified physician from anywhere in the world.

The CardioMedical Center allows medical professionals performing medical tests to have patient data read by other medical professionals and have the results sent back to them or any one they choose. For example, if a technician performs an ECG and wants a Cardiologist to interpret it, they can send it to a Cardiology professional that will read and interpret the data then send a signed result report.

The CMC functionality is seamlessly built-in into CardioCard and no additional software is required. Users desiring to use the CMC need to be running CardioCard® version 6.10 or higher and sign up for the program. CMC User Manual gives operational overview. We can also provide a FREE DEMO.


If you are a CardioCard Test User:
Perform ECGs, Stress Testing and Holters with the Nasiff CardioCard® devices at any location, upload data to a secure central location and receive results from a certified physician or a medical professional of the user’s choice.

If you are a CardioCard Test Data Reader:
Download ECGs, Stress Testing and Holters from any location and upload test results to a secure central location. Over-readers include: certified cardiologists, other physicians/ technicians. (if you read data only, devices are not required, only the CardioCard®CMC Software and an Account)