An ECG is a Snap Shot of Heart time, recording the Hearts activity from 12 different views, for at least 10 seconds. This ECG information is saved and later compared to the next Snap Shot typically taken a year later (or in the case of abnormalities more often). One of the BASIC ASSUMPTIONS when comparing one ECG Snap Shot to another is that the Electrodes have been placed at the SAME Points on the Patients Chest for BOTH ECG's. As such, it is important to review proper electrode Placement with the Staff to ensure correct information acquisition. It is important that the electrode site is properly prepared to MAXIMIZE the conductivity of the Electrode. Nasiff recommends that the site be cleaned with a alcohol damp gauze pad using firm pressure. This not only cleans away any skin oils but the dead skin layer as well. It is not necessary to rub to the extent of creating a "Red" section.
  • Shave all electrode sites up and down, side to side, and diagonally in both directions. This insures the removal of all body hair and surface skin cells
  • Scrub all electrode sites until red using alcohol prep pads. Allow to dry, then rub over the sites with the gauze pads. (this removes surface dirt, skin oils, and dead skin cells)