The stored ECG Record can either be viewed in hard copy format or on the PC monitor. The following section addresses hard copy and it's characteristics. For details concerning viewing the ECG record via the management system, please go to the Management System Section of this USER Manual. To produce a hard copy of the acquired ECG:
  • CLICK the "Database" button on the right side of the CARDIO Screen
  • Scroll through the patient listing to find the patient
  • CLICK on the "Patient" (all the ECG's taken for that patient are listed)
  • CLICK the ECG which you wish to print
  • The ECG data is presented via the Management System
  • CLICK "Hard Copy"
  • CLICK "YES" and "Do you wish to Print"
  • The CARDIO program will initiate a hard copy report from your networked printer
Special Note: the CARDIO Program uses the same Printer Set-Up functionality as in Windows. To confirm correct Printer Selection and Routing CLICK " File"; then "Printer Set-up"