Accessible Cardio-Diagnostic ECG Technology

Dr. Nasiff PhD. originally developed ECG Technology into a Computer Based System in order for the technology to be more compact and cost effective. As a result, Cardio-Diagnostic Technology became much more affordable, and the machines now take up much less space. Globally, Cardiologists found that this newer technology made high-tech diagnostics accessible to much more of the world.

Hospitals and HealthCare Centers in third world countries could now afford computer diagnostic systems, and first world Hospitals could afford more technology on their medical floors. This change made it much easier to find signs of heart disease by allowing the tests to be quicker and less expensive.

Newly integrated on the then first computer based ECG was Auto Diagnosis Systems. These software systems, only possible from a computer, allowed for algorithms to be run that find the signs of heart disease in an ECG signal. In turn, these systems displayed computer found diagnoses on the systems test, assisting doctors in the diagnosis of heart disease and even in finding early signs of heart attack.

Cardiologists in the United States understand that Heart Disease is still at Epidemic Numbers, due to the low diet and exercise standards in many cultures. The world though may not be so aware that heart diseases are the most likely ailment to end a life early.

Diagnostic Technologies such as the Nasiff ECG Systems, allow for access to systems that are responsible for finding the signs of heart disease and heart attack. Computer Systems have allowed for intelligent computer diagnoses, better direct software and hardware, and a more variable price range since a doctor can choose to save much of their investment on the computer if needed.

These increases in medical technology are important for the world, and the Nasiff Development Team looks forward to seeing their technology used more widely in more regions. The steps to solve sickness and disease are, Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment, and only Doctors have the information and tools that help to reduce human suffering.