More Efficient ECG Testing

Office workflow can be improved with Computer Based ECG Testing. Resting, Stress, and Holter ECG Testing, when based on a computer system, are allowed more features, quicker use, and direct EMR Compatibility. When comparing a Nasiff PC ECG System to an all-in-one ECG System, direct access to digital test reports, and less steps to making the record electronic, drives the fact that Computer ECG Systems are a better technology choice for its users.

With Computer Based ECG Testing, comes more features and access to research data. Whether you want your testing to be simple or complex, the settings are there to streamline testing, or to amplify the extraction of cardio-pulmonary data for research. These settings allow for the customization of the diagnostic environment, depending on the use.

A Cardiologist practicing heart disease screenings is able to streamline their system to more efficiently run tests and view results with quick computer diagnostics; While a Cardiologist practicing research of a new medication or another clinical trial or scientific evaluation, may want to include more demographic data in their test, and be able to look through all the test information such as the graph plot points, computer diagnoses’, and access to a comparison of a large number of ECG Tests from various patients.

The Nasiff Brand is the inventing company, still lead by the engineering doctor who first made the computer ECG in 1989. This Doctor, Dr. Nasiff, also developed similar technologies for his users, some technologies that have been ahead of his time, such as his Vitals System, which out-performs most all emergency Vitals Systems in use today, but has so slowly been integrated into the industry. This Vitals system is more of a 2050’s device than a 2020 device. Though we are sure he will release many new versions by that decade.

Standard in the Cardio-Diagnostic Industry, is Resting and Stress Testing. Common screening tests for Cardiovascular Disease. These tests are non-invasive, allowing for 0% risk, which is especially valuable when compared to an invasive test like the angiogram and others. When paired with an ECHO Machine, Echo-Cardiograph tests offer its users a physical view of the heart and graphs of it’s rhythm, allowing the complete screening and diagnosis of heart disease, all without putting anyone under the knife.

Holter Testing, often done on patients with rarely occurring symptoms, allow for a user to wear an ECG Device for days at a time. With an included event recording button, a patient can highlight every time they experience a Cardiovascular event in a way the doctor can view. With Nasiff Brand Holter Devices, there are editing options that make it easy to clean noise from a test result, and with the computing power of the CardioCard Software, Auto Diagnostics, that can intelligently highlight any wave patterns that may include signs of most cardiovascular disease.

If you think Computer Cardio-Diagnostics will be an Upgrade for you and your office, Nasiff Associates, inc. is the leading developer of PC Based ECG Systems. With the most system features, live human technical support, and even a robust team of sales representatives. Nasiff is ready to help you find which device variant can best meet the individualized needs of your practice.

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Doctors Reading a PC ECG Test