Appendix (Figures and Examples)

Figure 01 Patient ECG Lead Placement
Figure 02 Startup Screen
Figure 03 System Setup Screen and Definition Table
Figure 04 ECG Interpretive Abbreviations and Definitions
Figure 05 Function Keys F1, F7, F8, and F9
Figure 06 Patient Demographics Screen
Figure 07 Open ECG Patient Records Database
lllFigure 07-2 Resting ECG Testing and Database Function Key Assignments
Figure 08 Lead Selection
Figure 09 Gain Settings
Figure 10 Other Tests
Figure 11 Resting ECG Report Definition (Header and Physician)
Figure 12 IRQ Conflict Resolution and Address Determination
Figure 13 ECG Wave and Screen Examples
Figure 14 Duration, Display Settings, and Grid Options
Figure 15 Algorithm
Figure 16 Display Screen ICONS
Figure 17 Resting ECG Screen and Definitions
Figure 18 VX3 Holter Lead Placement
Figure 19 Stress Selection Screen
Figure 20 Stress Opening Screen and Definitions
Figure 21 Stage Box and Definitions
Figure 22 Exercise Screen and Definitions
Figure 23 Special Features
Figure 24 Product Update Policy
Figure 25 Product Warranty Information
Figure 26 Product Specifications