A diagram of a chest with red, green, and blue channels.

5- lead 3- Channel Electrode Placement Chart (for Holter)

Red: Channel 1,2 (-); Place on the Center of the Manubrium, the top of the sternum
Green: Ground; Place on the lower right rib margin over bone, opposite V5 position
White: Channel 3 (-); Place at approximately 1 inch right of the Xiphoid Process on the rib, which is right side below V1 position, at the bottom of the rib cage
Black: Channel 2,3 (+); Place on the left Anterior Axillary line 6th rib, V5 position on a rib
Brown: Channel 1 (+); Place on the left Mid-Clavicular line 6th rib, left side at V3 position on a rib

Channel Designation
Channel 1: Red - Brown
Channel 2: Red - Black
Channel 3: White - Black

Patient Instructions
Advise the patient how to fill out the patient diary and use the "event" button.

Instruct the Patient to Avoid

  • Getting the recorder wet (no showers, baths or swimming. Be careful not to drop the recorder in the toilet, etc)
  • Getting too much electrical interference (avoid electric blankets, heating pads, waterbed heaters, etc)
  • Artifact (don’t push or pull on electrodes)
A diagram of the lungs and a diagram of the electrocardiogram.