Blood Pressure and Stroke

Experts say half of strokes are caused by high blood pressure and more than 80% can be prevented by keeping a check on blood pressure pressure levels. However, if left uncontrolled it can lead to disability, poor quality of life, chronic illnesses and even heart attack.

It turns out, there couldn’t be a better month to start eating healthy, be more physically active, checking your blood pressure and heart condition with the help of PC-Based ECG Technology.

How does high blood pressure cause a stroke?
Hypertension is the increase of blood pressure flowing through the arteries, and puts them under constant stress. Just like an overinflated tire would burst, too much pressure inside arteries weakens and damages their walls.

A stroke is caused by two major reasons – reduced blood flow to the brain and bleeding in and around the brain. When it occurs due to reduced blood flow to the brain, which is because of a clot that forms inside an artery, it’s called an ischemic stroke where brain cells start dying without oxygen. In most cases, hypertension is a common cause as it makes arteries get narrower, harder, and clog them with fatty plaque.

When a stroke is a result of bleeding in and around the brain, it’s known as a hemorrhagic stroke. This usually happens when a weaker artery breaks and leads to internal bleeding. Since hypertension weakens arteries, it is believed to be the major culprit in hemorrhagic strokes.

Ways to prevent high blood pressure
Since controlling your blood pressure can help prevent stroke and heart conditions,
here are a few ways you can keep your blood pressure in a healthy range:
▪ Eat less sugar, salt, saturated fats
▪ Maintain a healthy weight
▪ Practice deep breathing
▪ Exercise
▪ Avoid alcohol
▪ Quit smoking

A small step in the direction of keeping your blood pressure in a healthy range can prevent
stroke and even a heart attack. Let’s start eating healthy and living healthier too.

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