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With a market saturated with foreign competition. Medical technology is aimed at developing foreign jobs over those who design, manufacture, and support technologies from within the United States. With a mind to support fellow Americans, and use American-made technologies, it is important to myself to raise a voice on this subject.

Recently, over 400 medical devices manufactured within China were identified and reported to be sending usage information to Chinese servers. Not only is this a security breach, but it is illegal to do so from within the United States. These devices in the report, were sending patient data whenever they were connected to the internet. By Chinese law, it is required to send system data to government servers only if the business is owned and operated in Chinese territory.

What this means for Americans, is that if your doctor or office has purchased and owns a Chinese-made device, it is likely required to send patient data to Chinese servers. This falls closely to the Tik-Tok ban, but in my own opinion, is quite a bit more of an important issue. China is even poised to soon ban non-Chinese technologies from their country.

This, though, is only one problem that can be found, and that has recently been reported with foreign technologies. There is also a pride that should be in being American, in having American technology, in supporting each other and not a company that can be located by pointing straight through to the ground.

With more security features than any other Medical Technology on the market, Nasiff Associates develops some of the most secure diagnostic systems that can be purchased today. Having a complete portfolio of Resting, Stress, Holter, and ECG Blood Pressure Systems, Nasiff Brand Technology is capable of outfitting an office completely, all using one software for test execution, management, editing, and EMR Connectivity.

Supporting all American Jobs, Nasiff Associates Technologies are all designed, manufactured, and supported from within the United States. Head Quartered in New York and connected Coast to Coast, Nasiff Support and Distribution is prepared to handle the ever succeeding increase demanded by the Medical Technology Industry.

It is our aim to make our own technologies available to the industry, to save more lives, and support those who support us, and our goal is to better prevent and diagnose heart disease.

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American Cardiologist going over PC Based ECG Test Results