How A Holter Monitoring System Facilitates Cardiac Telemetry?

Monitoring the heart rhythm and rate of a patient at a remote location, typically a special ward in a nursing station, is termed cardiac telemetry. This solution is usually used for patients who are still on their recovery path from heart events, people who are experiencing heart problems, and the ones who are at risk of such problems. Most of the medical facilities have designated wards for cardiac telemetry.

A holter monitoring system that offers PC based ECG & EKG is an indispensable part of any medical facility out there. Simply put, holter monitoring systems are units that allow continuous monitoring of a human heart’s rhythm. A patient is made to put on the system for a few hours at a stretch for medical practitioners to clearly understand his/her heart’s condition.

When you are buying a holter monitoring system for your healthcare facility, it is important to make sure that it features pacemaker analysis, heart rate display, and disclosure of other important heart related statistics. This will allow you to get all the necessary details that you need to help a patient make progress from his/her current condition. The holter system should also have a fast recording mechanism. This directly translates into more efficient scans by your holter system.