Included Live Technical Support

Nasiff Associates, a medical device manufacturing company, offers 2 years of live support with every ECG System purchased. Real people online and ready to help with the installation, training, and technical support of your ECG system, all available just one phone call away.

Live support for Nasiff Diagnostic EKG Devices can be scheduled by email or by phone call. Assistance in these ways can be as time organized or immediate as it needs to be. No more waiting on a robot to keep you on the line for 10 minutes at a time. No more talking to a not-so-intelligent phone bot. Talk to a really trained and educated person over the phone who can help you when you need it.

Need help getting familiar with the interface? Need help customizing your test report? Or maybe you need to purchase new patient cables. A sales and support team member is in the office with their cup of joe ready to answer your questions and spend time assisting you.

Many competitors selling similar technologies or later released imitations of our systems, require their customers to purchase support packages. It can cost thousands more a year to have access to a phone number you can call that will have a robot on the other end prepared to slowly triage your needs.

The Nasiff Leadership Team believes that assistance should be available to those who have purchased their technologies. Many goals may be able to be solved personally over time of use, but the value of a trained professional available to help you is a value that should not be looked over or over profited from.

Most other competing makers of these technologies do not offer support for their systems. They expect their customers to be able to solve their issues with the included manual or personal intuition alone. This itself is a good course of first action when encountering a new need or problem, but with another company, it may cost your business thousands to have access to actual live manufacturer support.

Nasiff CardioCard Device and Software support is available for two years to anyone who has purchased a complete system. This support is included in our device warranty, which also covers accidental drops and falls, water damage, breaks, running it over with a car, and our developers will only cry a little.

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