More Advanced Cardio-Diagnostic Systems

Nasiff CardioCard ECG Systems are some of the most advanced Cardio-Diagnostic Tools on the market today. For people looking to upgrade the device they use, wanting a better user interface, or searching for more options in research, the Nasiff Brand of ECG Devices offers options for all buyers.

A Valuable Hardware and Software Upgrade
CardioCard Systems are often an upgrade from other systems, as they are easier and quicker to use. With better silicone inside, the signal accuracy, acquisition, and interpretations leave nothing to be desired. Nasiff Systems also include with every purchase, Built-In EMR Capability, and 2 years of live support, the usual large additional purchases that come with every Nasiff System.

A Better User Interface with More Features
With the CardioCard Software included with every System purchase, the Nasiff User Interface is intuitive, built to be as simple and easy to use, as it is robust and exhaustive in settings and features. Are you a Cardiology Clinic that runs 50+ Resting ECG Tests a Day? The CardioCard Software can start tests in under two minutes. This includes the time it takes to connect with your patient. Are you a researcher looking to have readable raw data from tests? With a few supported security and settings changes, you can view and map your test data however you would like.

One Installed Software for Many Systems
One name brand offering Resting, Stress, Holter, and Blood Pressure Systems, all under one user interface, means that you buy software once, and are discounted that cost for every other device you purchase. There is a software upgrade process that is required for Stress, Holter, and Blood Pressure systems, but if you, for instance, buy a Stress System, that device out of the box is capable of running a Resting Test. If you have all the devices, one app on your desktop is used to run, read, edit, and print tests from all of your devices.

Improve the Technology in Your Office
Designed to work together, Nasiff CardioCard Devices can organize your office, and make the diagnostic process more efficient for your entire health care center. With the included 2-year warranty, there is live installation support as well. During IT Setup, any questions can be answered over the phone, instructions can be shared by email, all included with your purchase of one of the more CardioCard Systems.

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Nasiff CardioCard Resting ECG System Computer in Cardiologist Office.