1.0 Go to "My Computer" and look for "removable drives". Plug the Compact Flash reader into a USB port in the back of your PC (they are usually connected to the motherboard and will work correctly). Once you have plugged into the USB port, note the new drive letter under "removable drives" ("My Computer"). You will also see a message "new hardware found". Windows will automatically install the correct drivers for your CF unit as these drivers are common.
2.0 Install the Cardio software by running setup (should autorun) off your CD as outlined in Cardio Software Installation procedures 1 through 4.(Ignore the IRQ references in Procedure 4 and USB reference in Procedure 5 which refers to the USB Version of the Cardio ECG System) Windows will restart at the end of the installation.
3.0 Start the CardioCard™ program by using "Start Programs" or clicking the "Heart" Icon. Click the "System Setup" at the top of the screen. Then click the "Holter Setup" bar at the right of the setup screen. When the Holter setup screen appears, ensure the "Path to Flash Card" equals the drive letter from 1.0 above. If it is not equal, change it to the drive drive letter in step 1.0 above. Click "Ok" to save and close the Holter setup and "Ok" again to save and close the "System Setup" screen.