Spend Less Time Comparing ECG Tests

Computer ECG Systems allow their users a major advantage in flexibility over other ECG System Designs. This Flexibility comes in the form of multiple program instances, and the computing power of Modern CPU Architecture. With most all Processing Chips today having more than one core on-board, each core capable of doing twice the math per-second as last years model, todays technology is extremely impressive. This Processing power allows Cardiologists to better compare patient ECG Test Results for differences in wave form, the tracking of abnormalities, more noticeable Cardiac Events, as well as enabling the ability to make Athletic Resting to Stress ECG Result Comparisons.

Computer Based Flexibility enables options, the option to natively compare ECG Reports from within the Nasiff CardioCard Software. This native course of action allows users to stay within the software they ran the test within. Edit, Sign, and Comment on their test for upload to their database or EMR System without clicking away from the main window.

The other main computer enabled ECG Comparison option is that within the Windows Operating System. In Windows you can split your screen to display 4 different PDF ECG Reports on One Screen. With assistance from the Windows operating system, you can open and drag each report to a different section of the screen, windows will automatically resize the report for symmetrical viewing.

Like all things, there is an experience based learning curve to all pieces of software, but these options allow for easy learning and workflow streamlining. A short amount of practice can allow an experienced doctor to open and split their screen into PDF Reports, or open the other test reports within the CardioCard, all in under one minute.

If retrieving patient results, comparing ECG Test Reports, or if there is an interface slowing you down, Nasiff Brand CardioCard ECG Devices have tools and options ready to improve your workflow. With a robust system of features, ECG Testing can be as simple or in-depth as you and your team would like it to be. With multiple levels of security to choose from, automatic report printing, and included EMR Connectivity, every feature that could be an upgrade for your office can be available to you now.

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PC Based ECG Test Report