Spend More Time with Your Patients

By enabling computer ECG Systems in your office, more time can be allocated to patient conversations. Using a more intuitive system that requires less paperwork, demographics, and even more quickly connects to your EMR System, Nasiff Computer ECG Systems are a great improvement for any office.

Less paperwork, less time filling out forms and text boxes, with the CardioCard interface only requiring 4 fields, that can be auto filled with Name or Patient I.D. This can decrease the time to start an ECG Test by 1-3 minutes, increasing the amount of tests that can be done by one doctor in a day by dozens.

Quicker Optional EMR Connectivity allows for the automatic upload to EMR Systems by default, or a wait to sign option, which requires the over-reading doctor to sign off on an ECG and the Diagnostic Report before it is to be uploaded as a result to the EMR.

With the safety of your office in mind, CardioCard Devices come with included high-security. A feature no other medical device brand on the market offers, surprisingly. Because of the lack of security in the industry, IT Desks have began including over-secure protocols, disallowing software to often even run correctly on a device. If you want a device that is more secure and user friendly, Nasiff is a great brand for you.

Spend less time comparing one patients or one groups ECG Tests. With external digital report printing paired with windows screen splitting, compare up to 4 ECG Tests on a single monitor Computer ECG System. This work-flow is impossible on all-in-one systems, and even most computer ECG Systems that do not use the Nasiff CardioCard Software. No other system allows for the digital export and internal comparison of two or more ECG Tests.

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