It’s Winter Time, Stay Healthy

Ever wonder why flu season starts when it gets cold? Why people seem to get sick more often during the winter time? Immune systems are compromised by the cold dry air. A persons immune system becomes more focused on metabolizing to make heat than fighting off viral and bacterial infections. On-top of that, the winter air dries out mucus membranes which are typically a persons first level of defense against any air-born pathogens viral or bacterial. If air quality is poor, respiratory infections can happen decreasing a persons response to viruses as well.

The best ways to defend against winter weather sicknesses are to: get flu vaccines, bundle up to stay warm, and wear a mask or scarf to not only protect yourself and others from the spread of pathogens, but have warm moist air to breath.

If you or someone else does get sick, remember that sickness does physically weaken the body. The metabolism burns more calories to fight the infection, and becomes less able to maintain dense muscle mass. Increased inflammation can also occur which can lead to other problems such as organ or heart inflammation. In severe cases of illness always see your doctor right away and remember to stay warm healthy and rested this winter!